Things to do when you get home

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Oct 272013

Your Chore list:

  • Do your homework
    • This includes cleaning up dog waste in yard
  • Take care of your pets
  • Clean the dishes
  • Clean up the recycling
  • Do things we ask you todo



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more wifi for u

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Jan 182013

I just added a new router to my wps network. it should be faster. this way I can do more stuff, too.

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First class of the year

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Jan 042013

I practice martial arts and enjoy it immensely. I stuggle getting to classes because of many things, but mostly just poor schedule ability.


I have gotten up earlier each day, which is an accomplishment.

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A brave new blog

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Jan 022013

So today is what is considered a day of restarting, renewal, and so forth. I’m gonna try it.

I’m not sure where this will go. Here’s what I know.

  • The exercise of willpower strengthens it.
  • Going to bed sooner is better than later.
  • no store within 5 miles of me sells usb hubs.

Of these three things, I am really most amazed by the third.

 My favorite lost hat


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